We value our patients' experience at Albuquerque Vision Care and Advanced Eyewear. See for yourself, the great success our patients have experienced here at Albuquerque Vision Care and Advanced Eyewear.

"We have been patients at Albuquerque Vision Clinic for years.  They have always been very helpful to us.  Recently, my daughter had gotten a prescription for contact lenses at another provider and had difficulty filling the prescription through that provider's office.  We called ABQ Vision Clinic, and my daughter's order was cheerfully placed within minutes.  When I experienced a major problem that affected vision, my optometrist at the Clinic was a major source of support for me.  I was seen the same day I complained of pain, and I was checked thoroughly.  My optometrist spent a lot of time with me that day, and I am truly grateful for the care she took in trying to figure out what turned out to be a very rare condition that even specialists had a hard time pinpointing.  In the rough weeks between onset and diagnosis, the concern shown for me, the good advice, and the respectful, professional care given to me at ABQ Vision Clinic helped me through a pretty rough patch.  So, hats off to ABQ Vision Clinic.  I really do think that they are the best optometrists in town."

--Jackie R.

I popped in last week hoping that they take my vision plan and they do. I already have my prescription, I just wanted to take a look at frames. The front desk was so friendly, they told me to look around and to ask anyone if I needed any help. While browsing a young gentleman named Will asked if I need any help I told him I was looking for a specific frame and he was happy to help. It's a brand they carry but did not have in stock, he happily looked up the frame and placed the order. He went above and beyond for me! He told me he would follow up with me and give me a call to let me know what the status of the order was and he did this morning. Unfortunately the frames I want may not be available but Will gave me some options and will continue to track the frames for me and will call me if they do come in!

Will's customer service is TOP NOTCH!! I will refer all my friends and family to this business and especially refer them to Will!

--Melanie M.

Wow! Talk about class and excellent customer service! I went to another optometrist and had an outside prescription for glasses. I had gone to other places and said they couldn't help me. My parents recommended ABQ Vision Care because they have been going there for years and very pleased. My issue was I could not find glasses that could fit my head properly (I have a wide head). I let Hannah know my issue and she immediately started showing me glasses and agreed that there was nothing that framed my face properly. So she suggested I find sunglasses and they put the lenses in them instead. I found the perfect pair of sunglasses that would look appropriate as regular eye glasses. She really went above and beyond to make me happy and find a solution after I let her know that I was feeling discouraged. Unfortunately, they do not accept Spectra insurance so I had to pay out of pocket but with the UV and glare protection, etc. it was very affordable. They also accept Care Credit. Though it was crazy busy on Saturday (they close at 1pm) there was no feeling of rush and everyone from the staff to the clients seemed laid back and attended to. If you need vision needs please go check out the modernized and welcoming ABQ Vision Care!

--Veronica B.

Just getting glasses prescription filled, it was a great experience. Here's the scoop. This place caters to mostly women and people with good vision insurance. If you don't have a good insurance, head to Walmart or Costco. There is a large selection of women's eyewear. I was fortunate and found some Oakley frames for men. But their policies on returns, modifications, recutting lenses, and replacements is the best I've seen anywhere. Their technicians are knowledgeable and polite. There might be a line of people so get in early. They are pricey but if you have the insurance, you can walk away having paid $20 or less for premium vision

--L T.

I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Berry and Dr. Gansel. Over the weekend I had gotten a piece of metal in my eye which was very painful. I called the office late Saturday afternoon only to find that the office was closed, the message informed me to page the Dr. on call in case of an eye emergency so I did. I received a call back within five minutes from Dr. Berry. I was very scared and in pain and he was very reassuring over the phone, he had me meet him at the office after hours and had removed the metal from my eye, he also had me come back in on Sunday even though the office was closed. On Monday he had Dr. Gansel see me because he was not in the office. Both Doctors were very nice and professional, the staff was amazing. My whole family and I will be returning to this office for all of our glasses and contact lens needs. Thank you to the Doctors and staff.

--Teresa J.

Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

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