Eye Allergies

Treatment for Eye Allergies at Albuquerque Vision Care and Advanced Eyewear

A variety of normally-harmless substances can set off the watering, itchiness, irritation, and redness associated with eye allergies, including the contact lenses you're currently wearing. You don't have to see the world through an uncomfortable blur. Here at Albuquerque Vision Care and Advanced Eyewear, we can find the reason for your distress and provide soothing remedies, preventative care, and ongoing symptom management.

Eye Allergies

What Causes Eye Allergies?

Like other allergies, an eye allergy is a misguided attempt by the body to protect itself against a perceived threat. When the immune system is exposed to such a substance, it releases large amounts of histamine and antibodies to fight back. This unnecessary response typically causes eye redness, itching, watering, light sensitivity, burning sensations, and swollen eyelids. An eye allergy can be set off by a number of triggers. Common eye allergens include:

  • Dust
  • Pet dander
  • tobacco smoke
  • Industrial pollution or airborne chemicals
  • Scented products such as perfumes or air fresheners
  • Cosmetics, especially eyeliner and mascara
  • Seasonal or year-round exposure to pollens and molds
  • Contact lenses that accumulate proteins or other debris
  • Contact lens cleaning solutions

Whatever is causing your eye allergy symptoms, you'll want to get those symptoms under control. In addition to making you uncomfortable, eye allergies that blur your vision can make driving or other activities potentially hazardous. Sustained, uncontrolled conjunctivitis can also be bad for your corneas.

Effective Symptom Management from Our Albuquerque Team

Our Albuquerque team of Dr. Barry and Dr. Vise can get to the bottom of those annoying eye allergies. We start by administering an eye exam and asking you about your environment, contact lens use, and other symptoms you may be experiencing. We may also preform allergy testing to test your sensitivity to certain common triggers. Once we've eliminated other possible conditions and isolated the allergen in question, we can provide the right treatment to manage or resolve them, including:

  • Artificial tears or medicated eye drops
  • Antihistamines or steroids
  • Recommended changes to your interior or exterior environment
  • Changes in your eye makeup products or hygiene
  • Switching to a different kind of contact lens or cleaner

Rely on Our Optometry Clinic for Eye Allergy Relief

Finding relief for your eye allergy symptoms is as easy as visiting Albuquerque Vision Care and Advanced Eyewear. Call our optometry clinic today at (505)-332-2020!

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