Eye Allergies FAQs

It can be difficult to function in daily life if you are struggling with eye-related allergies. Though eye allergies can be painful nuisances, our team at Albuquerque Vision Care and Advanced Eyewear is here to help. Our professional staff will work with you to understand and prevent your eye allergies from occurring. Here are some questions you may have. 


How Do Eye Allergies Occur?

Eye allergies are common eye conditions that cause the conjunctiva to be inflamed. Conjunctiva is the tissue that lines the interior surface of the eyelid and the outside of the eyeball. This tissue helps to keep your eyeball moist. When this area is inflamed, normal eye and vision functions can be difficult to manage. Eye Allergies usually cause redness and irritation in both eyes instead of in just one.

Do Seasonal Allergies Affect My Eyes?

Seasonal allergens that irritate your nose often have the same effect on your eyes. We often patients suffering from a combination of eye irritation and nasal congestion.

What Can I Do at Home?

Avoiding the things you are allergic to is the most effective method in preventing eye allergies. Once we have identified what causes your allergies, you can do your best to avoid them. Whether staying inside when pollen levels are high or buying high-quality air filters, make sure you have a plan for preventing allergens from bothering you. 

Use a decongestant eye drop to reduce irritation. There are options both with and without antihistamines. Our team will make sure we find the best option for you. Note that decongestant eye drops can make symptoms worse with long-term use. If you are going to use these eye drops, make sure to use them only when necessary.

How Can an Eye Doctor Help?

There are several eye care options you can consider depending on the frequency and severity of your allergies. Artificial tears provide temporary relief for dry, itchy eyes. Along with providing moisture, the drops will flush allergens out of your eyes. Artificial tears are one of the best options for immediate relief, but won't prevent future outbreaks. 

Corticosteroids are prescribed for chronic eye allergies, but make sure to consult our eye care team to make sure they are used properly without any side effects. Immunotherapy shots are used to treat severe allergies that affect your eyes along with your airway and other parts of the body. We may also recommend discontinuing the use of your contact lenses until your eye allergies clear up.

Visit Us at Albuquerque Vision Care and Advanced Eyewear for Allergy Relief

Regardless of the severity of your eye discomfort, our team here at Albuquerque Vision Care and Advanced Eyewear can help you understand and properly treat your eye allergies. Our expert eye doctors will recommend the best treatment for your eye issues, so you can enjoy your life without pain or irritation getting in the way.

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