Senior Eye Care

Senior Eye Care for Albuquerque Residents

Age-related diseases, disorders, and vision problems can put a major crimp in your ability to enjoy your golden years. Fortunately, we here at Albuquerque Vision Care and Advanced Eyewear know how to help you keep your eyes in the best possible working order. We're happy to offer senior eye care services, from eye and vision exams to ocular disease treatment.

Senior Eye Care

Ocular Disease Risks and Age-Related Vision Issues

As you get older, your ocular disease risk goes up. In some cases, the diseases in question may be associated with other age-related disease risks such as hypertension and diabetes. Other eye diseases simply take many years to develop, finally making their presence known in your senior years. Common eye and vision issues that afflict older individuals include:

Cataracts - Cataracts are extremely common in seniors, despite the fact that they actually start forming much earlier in life. They are usually the result of decades of normal levels of UV exposure. The lenses of the eyes become cloudy and opaque, resulting in blurred, low, or distorted vision, and potential blindness.

Glaucoma - The most common type of glaucoma, open-angle glaucoma, is another disease that becomes more prevalent after the age of 60. Elevated pressure inside the eyes damages the optic nerves until they can no longer relay signals to the retinas.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) - Age-related macular degeneration makes its first appearance in a person’s 50s or 60s. This disease is characterized by the macula of the retina experiencing progressive, irreversible damage, which interferes with your ability to see objects in the center of your visual field.

Dry eye - This irritating syndrome typically gets worse as your body loses hydration and tear gland function with age.

Preventative Care and Treatment from Your Eye Doctor

We strongly urge patients aged 60 or older to schedule annual eye and vision exams with an eye doctor at our clinic. Dr. Berry, Dr. Vise, or Dr. Fergeson will conduct comprehensive eye and vision exams with a special emphasis on age-related ocular disease concerns. We can monitor the growth of cataracts, making changes to your vision prescription or co-managing your cataract removal surgery. We can also administer treatment measures to control glaucoma, macular degeneration, and dry eye to help you preserve your eyesight.

Make an Appointment with Albuquerque Vision Care and Advanced Eyewear

Your eyes can grow old just as gracefully as the rest of you with a little help from Albuquerque Vision Care and Advanced Eyewear. Call (505)-332-2020 to schedule a senior eye exam.

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